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Introducing NBK Advanced Deep Tissue Leg Massage

The Gold Standard Treatment for your Legs and Feet!

Are you gulity of taking your legs and feet for granted? Then you're not alone! Our Legs and Feet are possibly the most overworked and over looked parts of our body. This 90 minute Advanced Deep Tissue massage uses a range of techniques such as Neuromuscular, Palpation, Trigger Point and Sretches to ease joints and to pinpoint and work out tension in the superficial and deep muscles of your legs and feet

What Clients are saying

A brilliant treatment for achy legs and tired feet! The knots of tightness are released, the stiffness eased, and my legs simply work better after Kim's Advanced Deep Tissue Leg and foot Massage  ...  Tracey

I managed to touch my toes this morning. First time in ever!  ... Scott

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Advanced Deep Tissue Massage

Helps with:

Chronic muscle pain

Repetitive work that causes strain on the muscles

Gym and exercise enthusiasts

Bad posture

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NBK Facial Treatments

Treat yourself to a truly pampering and relaxing experience and choose from our range of Natural Facials. We use NBK Natural Skincare a luxury brand of hand crafted 100% natural skincare products.   

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Chill Out Tuesdays Pamper Packages

Introducing a range of Bespoke Pamper Packages only available on Tuesdays at NBK. Each of these 45 minute Bespoke Pamper Packages are designed to help you relax, refresh and set you up for the week ahead - Lovely! 

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